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June 2011

Mobile Filament Winding process

Rip-Pro Engineering has developed Filament Winding Mobile Unit to produce the big glassfiber pipes for their customer's needs.
Filament winding mobile unit has been installed on two special-build trailers, which will be driven by the truck. Trailer units will be driven to the customer's project destination. Mobile units will be adjusted for production during one working day.
The mobile unit is able to produce glassfiber pipes and tanks as long as 30 m without any seams.

With mobile unit will be achieved remarkable cost savings in transport, production and installation, because the transport of the big, ready pieces will be avoided at all and the long products can be produced ready to the right length at the installation site and all seams can even at all be avoided. Thus the assembly and installation costs will be minimized at the installation site and the delivery cycles of the projects will be faster and more effective.

The customer, who works with the mobile unit, is invincible when comparing competitors in cost-effectiveness, quality, surety for delivery and capacity in project destinations.

Available mobil unit:
Pipe D 1000-2500 mm, production length 30 m

The bigger unit is under development:
Pipe D 1000-3500 mm, production length 30m (36 m)

More information:
Technical Manager Heikki Rakkolainen
Mobile +358 40 7297 475


Contact: rippro@rippro.fi