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The know-how of the company is based on the knowledge of the composite industry got during several decades concerning products, raw materials, clients and production methods.
We have references from four decades.
The technical competence was reinforced in 2010 by cooperative agreement and purchase of business.
Kuoksa Machines, developed by Timo Kuoksa, were joined to product family of Rip-Pro Engineering.
After these actions the business became international.


         Products must be productive for us and for our clients.
Innovation ability
         We develop the new technology for our client's needs.
Quality consciousness
         We follow the upright quality policy. We demand it from ourselves and our co-operators.
         We know what we are talking about, what we promise and what we do.
         We commit ourselves to our promises.


We develop the best possible production technology and service in our own business sector.
We want to be the most famous and the most desired co-operator among the clients.
Motto: The best, the most desired and the most famous in 2015.

Contact: rippro@rippro.fi